Location: Cambridge
Salary: £20,923 to £23,631
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Contract / Temporary

Placed on: 19th August 2016
Closes: 19th September 2016

The Governing Body of Peterhouse, applying the benefactions of the late William Stone, former Scholar of the College, and others, intends to elect a number of Research Fellows, who will enter upon their tenure on 1 October 2017.

Candidates must by 1 October 2017 have passed all examinations required for a first degree at a university and would be expected to have gained at least a 2.i classification or equivalent. They should be capable of performing unsupervised post-graduate research. Candidature is also restricted to those who commenced full-time research work on a Ph.D. degree no earlier than 1 October 2013. Furthermore, candidates must be graduates of, or current students at, universities in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

The electors will make a shortlist of candidates who will be invited to submit dissertations or other written work. Some of these candidates will subsequently be invited for interview.

The annual remuneration of a Research Fellow is at present £23,631 (non-resident in College) or £20,923 (resident), with an annual research allowance of up to £1,328. Stipends will be subject to deductions in consideration of emoluments from other sources. In the case of a Research Fellow who has not yet taken the Ph.D., the College may pay certain approved University fees. Research Fellows are expected to engage in full time research, but may be permitted to teach for up to six hours a week and will be paid for this. All Research Fellows are allowed seven free meals a week at the Common Table. There is an entertainment allowance in kind. The tenure is three years and in certain circumstances may be renewed. Up to one year’s absence may be granted.

Full details of the salary, benefits and applications procedure can be found at http://www.resfell.pet.cam.ac.uk

The closing date for receipt of electronic applications is 19 September 2016.