Tony EmmersonBeginning in 2014, the IAAS Lecture is an annual event, hosted at a third level institution on the island of Ireland, and presented by an invited member of the IAAS on a topic of their choosing. In 2015, the lecture was renamed the W. A. Emmerson Lecture, in honour of our much-loved late Treasurer. Broad in its remit, the IAAS Lecture appeals to both academic and non-academic communities, and promotes the long-standing interest in and connection to American culture in Ireland.

We are delighted to announce that the esteemed Professor Philip McGowan will be delivering our 2023 W. A. Emmerson lecture in person, in The Graduate School, Queen’s University Belfast. 

What more can there really be to say about F. Scott Fitzgerald? With The Great Gatsby turning 100 in 2025, what more remains to be said either about that novel or Fitzgerald’s wider legacy? Philip McGowan offers some thoughts on where work on F. Scott Fitzgerald may be heading next.

About the speaker:

Philip McGowan is Professor of American Literature at Queen’s University Belfast and is President (2016-24) of the European Association for American Studies. He edited the centenary edition of This Side of Paradise for Oxford UP (2020), The Great Gatsby for Penguin USA (2021), and is co-editor of the forthcoming Routledge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald (2025).


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