Deadline for submissions: April 28, 2017
Full name/name of organization: MOSF Journal of Science Fiction
Contact email:
MOSF Journal of Science Fiction @ Escape Velocity 2017

The MOSF Journal of Science Fiction is accepting 250 word proposals for 15-20 minute papers for this year’s Escape Velocity Conference in Washington, D.C, September 1st – 3rd.

The topic of this literature panel is “Technology of the Soul and of the self,” and aims to discuss posthumanism, metaphysics, and identity politics. More specifically, we would love papers discussing the boundaries of what we might consider the human “soul” or self and where we locate the parameters of personhood in a technologically enhanced world.

While we are primarily seeking papers discussing works of science and speculative fiction, there are several additional panels we’re holding, some of which address film, science, and graphic art. If you are not selected for the technology of the soul and of the self panel, you may be considered for other panel topics.

Panel Description:

As technology pushes the boundaries of the human body and attempts to reimagine cognition through artificial intelligence, our notions of what defines humanity are forced to evolve. In the Cartestian sense, the metaphysical question of the “human soul” as separate from the body raises ontological questions about where to locate the humanity in human beings. As pertaining to questions of identity, the posthuman and transhuman elements of modern reality encourage a reimagining of the self and the subjective experience. Presenters will offer reflections on the ways in which contemporary literature is tackling this blurring of boundaries to question the relationship between technology and the essence of personhood.

Conference: September 1-3rd, 2017

Deadline for proposals: April 28th, 2017