Deadline for submissions: January 1, 2020
Full name/name of organization: Edinburgh University Press
Contact email:
In 2015, the University of Edinburgh Press launched a multivolume series of scholarly, refereed anthologies entitled ReFocus. Edited by Robert Singer (CUNY Graduate Center, Liberal Studies) and Gary D. Rhodes (Queens University, Belfast), each book focuses on a critically overlooked American film director who worked in the studio system, independent cinema, experimental filmmaking, or documentary tradition. The volumes published so far include Preston Sturges, Amy Heckerling, Delmer Daves, and Budd Boetticher. Future volumes will include William Friedkin, Doris Wishman, Ida Lupino, and several more.

ReFocus features a series of contemporary methodological and theoretical approaches to the interdisciplinary analyses and interpretations of the work of these American directors, from the once-famous to the ignored, in direct relationship to American culture –its myths, values, and historical precepts. This series will consider any director who created a historical space, either in or out of the studio system, beginning with the origins of American cinema and continuing up to the present. This research may include work in other media such as television.

We are now soliciting on-line proposals by potential editors/authors for new ReFocus editions. We are especially interested in proposals for the following filmmakers:

  • Joe Sarno
  • Nora Ephron
  • Susan Seidelman
  • Archie Mayo
  • Sydney Pollack
  • F. Gary Gray
  • John Singleton
  • Irvin Kershner
  • Stuart Rosenberg
  • Franklin Schaffner
  • Sydney Lumet
  • William Wyler
  • Spencer Williams
  • Mervyn LeRoy
  • Rouben Mamoulian
  • Robert Florey
  • Woody Van Dyke
  • Joseph Mankiewicz
  • Trinh T. Minh-ha
  • Antoine Fuqua
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Suggest a director you deem worthy of consideration

If you are interested in editing/authoring such a volume, please attach a curriculum vitae to your abstract/proposal and email to both:

Gary D. Rhodes, Ph.D.
Film Studies
 The Queen’s University of Belfast,

Robert Singer, Ph.D.
CUNY Graduate Center, Liberal Studies,