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University of Limerick
26-27 April 2013

Call for Papers

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “greatest demonstration for freedom in the history” of America, the Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS) invites papers on the theme of “Freedom Proclaimed” for its annual conference, to be held at the University of Limerick, 26-27 April 2013.

The necessity of the Emancipation Proclamation marks the tensions within the concept of America as the “sweet land of liberty” and “land of the free.” Conference participants are invited to explore how America’s various proclaimed freedoms – free speech, free expression, free press, free thinkers, free spirits, free love, free trade, free market, freedom of movement, freedom of the road, free exercise of religion, freedom from slavery, and more – connect to and impact upon issues of, for example, race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, ethnicity, and political affiliation. Conference participants are particularly invited to consider the ways and means by which freedom is proclaimed – in speeches, in song, in literature, in images, in action – and, as emphasised by Frederick Douglass in his Narrative . . . Written by Himself, the importance of expressing freedom for experiencing freedom. How do we “let freedom ring”?

The conference organisers welcome individual proposals or panel proposals on a common theme. Individual participants should submit abstracts of no more than 300 words for a 20-minute paper. Panel proposals will normally consist of an overall proposal of 150 words, plus individual abstracts of no more than 300 words for each of 3 papers for 1½-hour sessions. However, proposals for innovative, alternative panel formats are also encouraged. Papers in the areas of literary studies, history, politics, economics, geography, science, philosophy, media studies, film studies, photography, music and dance, cultural studies, international relations, and others, and from any theoretical or practical perspective, are welcome. All proposals should be submitted to IAAS2013@ul.ie by 7 January 2013.

Postgraduate students who would like to participate but are unable to attend, or feel their work is not so advanced that they could present a paper, are invited to submit a postgraduate poster for display at the conference on any theme relating to their research. For further information, on this or other aspects of the conference, please visit the conference website at www.iaas.ie or use the conference email address to contact the organisers:

Dr David Coughlan and Clair Sheehan, School of Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication, and Dr Gavin Wilk, Department of History, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Peabody Library
*American Literary History presents a Special Issue: Writing the Presidency *
Editors: Stephanie Li and Gordon Hutner
*About this issue*
The essays contained in this ALH forum on “Writing the Presidency” detail a long tradition of writings by and about US presidents, analyzing how the rhetoric surrounding presidential writing signifies in its immediate political moment, and subsequently how such texts seek to define American patriotism and leadership. Taking up multiple and diverse methodologies, questions, and subjects, the authors gathered here demonstrate how presidents and presidential candidates help construct our national ideals.
Three of the articles from this Special Issue have been made FREE until the end of November.
There Were Two Gerald Fords: John Hersey and Richard Reeves Profile a President James L. Baughman
Reagan and the Rise of the Blockbuster Political Memoir Craig Fehrman
The Parallel Lives of Bill Clinton
Stephanie Li
*Additional articles in this Special Issue include:*
Introduction: Writing the Presidency
Stephanie Li and Gordon Hutner
Profiles in Courage, JFK’s Book for Boys John Michael
The Primary Colors of American Politics
John M. Murphy
“America’s Exhibit A”: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Living History and the Genres of Authenticity Sidonie Smith
Commentary: Do the Write Thing: Politics, Prose, and the Presidency Glenn C. Altschuler
Dana D. Nelson
The Rise of the Academic Novel
Jeffrey J. Williams
The Humanities and the National Interest Eric J. Sundquist
What Can American Studies and Comparative Literature Learn from Each Other Ali Behdad
Alienation Revisited
Johannes Voelz
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October 15, 2012 is the deadline to submit paper proposals to the panel chairs who have had their panels accepted for the next SAAS conference (“TRANS-“: The Poetics and Politics of Crossing in the US), which will be held in La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands) from March 20 to March 22, 2013.

Here is the link to the SAAS webpage where you will find the list of accepted panels and instructions on how to send your proposal: http://www.saasweb.org/

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at alsina@ub.edu

We hope to see you all in Tenerife next year All best, Cristina Alsina Secretary – SAAS

October 2012

Dear MA student

Welcome to the Irish Association for American Studies, an all-island forum for the discussion, dissemination and promotion of American Studies. Founded in the 1970s, we are a constituent member of the EAAS (European Association for American Studies (www.eaas.eu). We hold an annual conference each April (in 2013, the University of Limerick is the venue) as well as a postgraduate and early career symposium each January in Dublin.

 As a student enrolled either on a dedicated American Studies or literature MA programme or who will be studying American subjects this year, you automatically qualify for a year’s free membership of the Association. After that time, we would very much hope that our activities and events will encourage you to continue your membership: the annual student fee is currently €10/£8.

 Your membership of the IAAS includes:

 *Automatic membership of the EAAS (European Association for American Studies)

*Free access to JSTOR’s Ireland Collection

*Invitations to upcoming IAAS conferences and symposiums

* A special subscription rate for the Journal of American Studies:

EITHER an individual print+online subscription from 2012 for €40,

OR IAAS members can take an individual online-only subscription for a rate of €30.

To avail of this offer, please contact Cambridge journals directly, noting your IAAS membership: journals@cambridge.org

 The history of the IAAS is marked by the influence of history and literature departments. While maintaining this core element in our membership, the Association is eager to broaden its base, and to promote the interdisciplinary and integrated study of American cultures.

 The IAAS is entering a new stage of development: our updated website has just come online and a revamp of our online journal (www.ijasonline.com) is home to the most up-to-date American Studies scholarship in Ireland.

 We aim to develop our interest for the benefit of students, researchers, teachers and the general public, and to create the resources to achieve the fullest sense of community for those interested in American Studies. By broadening the appeal of American subjects beyond a solely academic constituency we can demonstrate the impact that academics have on wider society.

 We are supporting the work of our postgraduate and early career members through three new initiatives:

 i) IAAS Postgraduate Research & Travel Bursary

This scheme is open to postgraduate members of the IAAS to assist with research and/or travel requirements (e.g. visits to archives, travel to conferences). The resources are aimed at making the difference between a successful applicant being able to travel to an archive or attend a conference, and not.  It is envisaged that grants will be made available where other funding options do not exist. The maximum monies available under this scheme each year will be €500.

 ii) IAAS Postgraduate BAAS Conference Bursary

As part of a reciprocal arrangement with the British Association for American Studies (BAAS), the IAAS is offering two awards to be made annually to two postgraduate members of the IAAS to travel to BAAS events: one award to attend and present at the BAAS postgraduate symposium (November), and the second to attend and present at the BAAS conference (April).

Each bursary will be to the value of £250 (stg).

 iii) IAAS Postdoctoral/Early Career Research & Travel Bursary

A bursary available to postdoctoral and early career members of the IAAS to assist with research and/or travel requirements (e.g. visits to archives, travel to conferences). The resources are aimed at making the difference between a successful applicant being able to travel to an archive or attend a conference, and not.  It is envisaged that grants will be supplemented by funds from other sources. The maximum monies available under this scheme each year will be €500. (Unclaimed monies in any year will be added to the available funds for the following calendar year.) Applications for this bursary are received on a rolling basis.

 Furthermore, every two years a joint IAAS/BAAS Postgraduate and Early Career Conference is held. The first was hosted at Trinity College Dublin in January 2012; the next will take place in Britain in the Autumn of 2014.

Regular updates of the Association’s activities can be found at www.iaas.ie where information on applying for the above bursaries and about forthcoming conferences, symposia and other events can be found.

I look forward to meeting you at at least one of our events this year and wish you well with your MA studies.


Philip McGowan, Chair IAAS,

Queen’s University Belfast


From 2012, as part of a reciprocal arrangement with the British Association for American Studies (BAAS), the IAAS is introducing a new scheme for two awards to be made annually to two postgraduate members of the IAAS to travel to BAAS events: one award to attend and present at the BAAS postgraduate symposium (November), and the second to attend and present at the BAAS conference (April).

Each bursary will be to the value of £250.

Applications are invited from postgraduate and early career scholars (those in the first three years after the successful completion of the Ph.D.) normally resident in Ireland or Northern Ireland, and currently working at universities and institutions of higher education. All applicants MUST be IAAS members. Preference may be given to those who have had no previous opportunities for attendance at BAAS events.

Upon completion of their trip, successful recipients will submit a brief report on their experience, their conference presentation etc., for publication on the IAAS

Download the application form
IAAS Postgraduate BAAS Conference Bursary