The Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) invites applications for its preeminent, interdisciplinary MASTER OF ARTS IN AMERICAN STUDIES (MAS) program. Aimed at qualified graduate students from around the world it offers inside knowledge on the United States with an outside perspective.
The MAS is a three-semester program taught in English. A performance-related fast track option (two semesters) is available. The program offers exemplary and interdisciplinary teaching that provides students with in-depth cultural knowledge about the United States of America. The curriculum includes a selection of courses from economics, geography, history, law, literature, musicology, philosophy, political science, religious studies, and sociology. MAS students will benefit both from excellent academic teaching by internationally renowned scholars and from an interdisciplinary approach that meets the needs of future leaders.
Admission is competitive and most candidates will have studied humanities, social sciences, or law at the undergraduate or graduate level. The program admits up to 30 students every year. Students from a three year B.A. program need the equivalent of 210 ECTS points. In some cases credit points can be awarded for professional experience. Applicants from outside of the EU should have successfully completed degree programs involving a minimum of four years of study (equivalent to 240 ECTS) at recognized academic institutions. 
Students whose native language is not English and who are not holding a degree from a university in an English speaking country, have to provide recent results of an international, standardized test of English as a foreign language (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS) to demonstrate that your spoken and written command of the English language will allow you to successfully complete the MAS.
The tuition fees for the MAS are 2,500 EUR per semester. The HCA currently offers six full scholarships for students from around the world. In addition, a limited number of tuition fee scholarships are available for qualified German students. 
Applications are accepted until March 31, 2016.  Our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and instructions for the application are available at:  
The program starts in early October 2016.
For further information please have a look at our website at:
or email us at:
The choice of a course of study is also always a career choice. If you would like to know more about what our alumni have been doing after graduating from our program, you can find out more in our “Life after the MAS” section:
Heidelberg University established the HCA in 2004 to serve as an institute for higher education, a center for interdisciplinary research, and as a forum for public debate. The HCA is an intellectual center dedicated to the study of the United States in a global context, providing space for academic, public, and political discussions. 
At Heidelberg University, students are part of an international learning community: Heidelberg is home to over 30,000 full-time students, including more than 5,000 international students. Heidelberg University also attracts more than 500 international scholars as Visiting Professors each academic year. Heidelberg University is one of 11 universities of excellence and Germany’s highest ranked university in the 2015 Shanghai Ranking. 
Spread across the 800 year-old historic city center of one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in Germany, the university is located in a city that combines a romantic small town atmosphere with a cosmopolitan appeal.