Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2016

Full name /name of organization: Susan Gilmore, Northeast Modern Language Association

Contact email:

Seeking proposals for a special session at the 2017 NeMLA Convention in Baltimore, March 23-26. How does a riot speak? How do we articulate and explore the riot as news, art, event, and mechanism for social change? How do riots redefine urban landscapes and the ways in which we inhabit and express them? Presentations welcome on riot in literary and theatrical works, such as poems and plays by Anna Deavere Smith, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Luis Valdez, as well as work in other contemporary media and social spheres. Papers on the literature and voices of the Stonewall Riots and papers with an emphasis on urban, cultural, ethnic, and Queer studies approaches and cross-cultural approaches to the phenomenon of the riot are also welcome. Propose online at by September 30 2016.