Heidelberg Center for American Studies

14th Annual Spring Academy Conference

Heidelberg, Germany, March 20-24, 2017

The 14th annual Spring Academy on American History, Culture and Politics will be held from March 20-24, 2017. The Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA) invites applications for this annual one week conference that provides twenty international PhD students with the opportunity to present and discuss their PhD projects.

Papers can be presented on any subject relating to the study of the United States of America. Possible topics for discussion are American literature and culture, U.S. history, domestic and foreign policy, geography, religion, and musicology as well as economic and sociological issues, and aspects of jurisprudence. Race, class, and gender are frequently employed analytical categories.

Participants are requested to prepare a twenty-minute presentation of their research projects. Each presentation is followed by a forty-minute discussion session. Proposals should include a preliminary title and run no more than 300 words. These will be arranged into ten panel groups.

Accommodation will be provided by the Heidelberg Center for American Studies

Application deadline: 15 November 2016

Please use our online application system: www.hca-springacademy.de

More information: www.hca.uni-heidelberg.de

For futher questions: springacademy@hca.uni-heidelberg.de