‌Association Française d’Etudes Américaines (AFEA) / French Association for American Studies

Call for Presentations

The French Association for American Studies invites doctoral students in American studies to take part in the Graduate Symposium (“Doctoriales”) specifically organized on their behalf during its annual conference. This year’s workshops will be held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 (9am-5pm) at University of Strasbourg (France). The conference will take place on June 7 to 9, 2017. For further information, please check our website: http://www.afea.fr

Since 2008, the AFEA has been encouraging the internationalization of its Graduate Student Symposium by offering grants (up to 500 euros each) for a maximum of ten European candidates (other than French) to help cover their travel expenses. All students are, in addition, invited to attend the whole conference free of registration charges. The symposium provides an opportunity for PhD students to present their research in a less formal session than that of a full conference panel, and present it to that of other European scholars. Doctoral students may be at an early or more advanced stage of their research. The proposals will be responded to by professors specializing in related fields. Candidates are invited to give their presentations in English within one of the two workshops offered: 1) American literature, or 2) American “civilization” (history, sociology, political science…). Proposals relevant to both fields (film studies, visual arts or music, for instance), or to another field (such as translation studies or linguistics) can be sent to either of the co-chairs.


Candidates must send a Curriculum Vitae and a 500-word abstract summarizing their dissertation proposal, plus an estimated budget of traveling expenses and funding otherwise available to them. They must mention when they began their PhD, and the name and affiliation of their advisor.

– Proposals in civilization must be sent electronically to Professor Romain Huret (Romain.Huret@ehess.fr).

– Proposals in literature must be sent electronically to both Professors Françoise palleau-papin (francoise.palleau@wanadoo.fr) and Mathieu Duplay (mduplay@club-internet.fr)

Deadline for application : February 15, 2017. The symposium organizers will respond to all applicants by March 15, 2017.