Deadline for submissions: May 11, 2017
Full name/name of organization: Documenting the Media Revolution through Fake News
Contact email:
Given the current developments in our society, Glendale Community College has decided to host their very first Call for Papers in a discussion of fake news. There is a prompt provided below, but you are not limited to the provided discussion points. This conference serves not only as a presentation of facts, but also a platform to express opinions and beliefs on the possible solutions to recognizing and avoiding fake news. Please submit a brief one paragraph summary of your essay describing the topics you will cover as well as an additional bit of background information about yourself. If your presentation requires any technological accommodations, please make note of it in your background information. If you have any questions, feel free to email for further assistance.


1) In 2016, deliberately untrue news articles became a cause for concern. What are some examples of fake news articles, and what damage are they believed to have done?

2) Do fake news articles have First Amendment protection? Is there, legally speaking, any difference between fake news and satire?

3) What are large internet companies, government, and other major institutions doing to lessen or eliminate fake news?

4) What can you do to make sure that the news articles you read are grounded in fact?