Violence interpreted: Connections between the Violent Past of the United States and Conflict Today.

Violent confrontations and racial discrimination have influenced the United States on multiple levels. At the beginning of the twentieth century the country confronted a wave of violent unrests that molded American society and prepared the ground for massive changes in political, social and financial realms. After a century, the country seems to still be affected by racial discrimination and police violence; the current global upheavals and the political rhetoric for the 2016 presidential election intensify the polarisation within American society. Scholarly interpretation of violence will lead to a better understanding of both past and present of conflict in the United States.

We seek submissions for a forthcoming special issue of the European Journal of American Culture focusing on interpretations of violence in American society and the examination of possible historic recurrences. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary papers that will explore the connections between past and present violent tensions in the United States. Papers are welcome to draw from a diverse range of interrelated topics including but not limited to, African American studies, American history, sociology, anthropology, cultural and behavioral studies, politics and media, identity and diversity.

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Articles should be 6,000 to 8,000 words, inclusive of footnotes. EJAC uses Harvard style. The journal welcomes copyright- cleared images.  Please submit an abstract of approximately 300 words by September 8th 2016 to the email below for consideration. Manuscripts would be due by January 1st2017.

Guest Editor of the Violence Issue

Konstantinos D. Karatzas, University of Zaragoza, Spain,


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Konstantinos D. Karatzas,  University of Zaragoza, Spain

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