Deadline for submissions: August 14, 2017
Full name/name of organization: C19 Conference, Albuquerque 2018
Contact email:

In her 2016 book, Staying with the Trouble, Donna Haraway suggests that the way beyond the anthropocene and capitalocene is “making oddkin” which is “always situated, someplace and not noplace, entangled and worldly.” For this panel we seek readings that explore the relationship (or kinship) between subject and object, body and environment, the self and the landscape. Posthuman ecology and new materialism may collide in texts that blur the self and her environment (both natural and social). This phenomenon may particularly manifest in texts where human subjects occupy Othered identity positions, such as women, non-white, and immigrant subjects who inscribe how their environments mark their bodies and their lives. We might ask: How is the self inscribed in the landscape? How do we build kinship with our environments? How does a climate shape the self? How are socio-political shifts reflected in the landscape?

Topics may include, but not limited to:

  • Gendered and racialized bodies
  • Posthuman body and identity
  • Biopolitics and biopower
  • (Dis)abled bodies
  • Urban and rural communities
  • Kinship and mobility
  • Posthuman agency
  • Representations of spatiality and temporality
  • Memory and landscape
  • Materialism and agency
  • Ecologies of kinship

Abstracts of no more than 300 words and a current CV should be sent to Gokce Tekeli ( and Katie Waddell ( no later than August 14, 2017.