The Postgraduate Forum of AISNA (Italian Association of North American Studies), in coordination with the PG representative of BAAS Katerina Webb-Bourne and with thebacking and full support of the EAAS Board as well as the President, Philip McGowan, is organising a panel at the EBAAS conference of London on ‘American Studies in Europe: Life as a Postgraduate Student and Early Career Researcher’. The panel is designed as an occasion for networking and exchange between PG students and ECRs across Europe, with the objective of confronting problems,sharing best practices and building a European community of young scholars of American Studies.

We are seeking contributions from representatives of PG and ECR Forums associated with the Associations of American Studies across Europe, but we would also be very interested to hear from individual members of the American Studies community. Ideally, contributions should discuss the situation of the PG and ECR communities in the country of origin of the speaker, and offering comments on problems and best practices. The length of each contribution will be decided according to the final number of presenters. We aim to have an informal event, with open interaction between presenters and the public.

To express your interest in taking part in the panel, please email with a brief personal introduction, academic affiliation, and the position held in one of the associations of American Studies affiliated with EAAS (if any), by September 29th at the latest. We look forward to have representatives from as many European countries as possible, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.