Call for Papers

Crossing the Atlantic:  Visual Culture at the Crossroads of Ireland and the United States

Americans who travelled to Ireland, many compelled by familial connections, developed rich relationships with Irish artists that led to cultural exchange between the two countries, while social and political unrest in Ireland prompted Irish artists to leave their homeland, and that migration resulted in cultural exchange as well.

One of the best known examples, Irish painter John Yeats and Irish American art collector John Quinn facilitated cultural exchange between the two countries in the early twentieth century, including the advancement of Irish painting and design in America. In addition to his friendship with John Yeats, Quinn developed close ties with his children, including Jack Yeats, one of Ireland’s most celebrated painters and designers Elizabeth and Lily Yeats.  But there is much more yet to be explored by scholars in this area of study.

Thus, we are seeking articles for an anthology that will focus on Irish/American transcultural exchange as it relates to visual culture.  For this project, visual culture is being defined broadly to include the visual arts, images from popular culture, material culture, and craft.  If interested, please contact Cynthia Fowler at email:  A one-page abstract that describes your project should be sent by September 15, 2019.