Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2016

Full name / name of organization: American Literature Association – Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society

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Texts, Contexts, and Subtexts: Charlotte Perkins Gilman in Her Time

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society CFP American Literature Association (ALA) 28th Annual Conference
May 25-28, 2017

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s articles, letters, papers, and library underscore a central quality of her diverse and prolific career: her works were deeply engaged with the social and scientific milieus of her time. An avid reader, enthusiastic learner, and active member within her own intellectual communities, Gilman often reached out to those whose work she admired – as well as to those whose work she found lacking. Through her lectures, publications, and correspondence, Gilman impacted a broad cross-section of scholarly and literary discourses.

This session invites papers that shed light on the constellation of influences that spanned between Gilman and her intellectual peers, predecessors, and descendants. The panel will gather a selection of papers that help to widen our understanding not only of Gilman in her time, but of the historical social, literary, and political movements that surrounded the works and life of one of America’s most famous feminists. Submit 250 to 500-word abstracts and a CV, by December 1, 2016, to Brandi So, Stony Brook University, at