Trinity College Dublin and the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute

2nd–3rd July 2015

Keynote Speakers:

Alex Davis (University College Cork)

Peter Howarth (Queen Mary)

Poems are the products of collaborative exchange. This is possibly at no point
more apparent than during the period of Anglophone modernism. From the
late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, poets and poems interacted with a
complex array of publishing outlets; partnerships were established with
musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, broadcasters, and
theatre practitioners; and translation was a central creative practice. All the
same, the modes and sites of such collaboration remain critically
under-examined. They can elude current historical, theoretical, and
methodological approaches to poetry in the period, which are sometimes still
overly invested in poetry’s separation from other discourses and art forms, or
in notions of single authorship.

This conference will seek to foster scholarly attention on the collaborative
nature of poetic production, mediation, and reception across Britain, Ireland,
North America and beyond during the age of modernism. It will welcome contributions
on any aspect of the conference theme from researchers in fields such as drama,
music, dance, visual and material cultures, publishing and media history, as
well as from literary scholars. Topics might include, but are not confined to:


·      periodical and publishing culture:
poetry in the magazines,  the role of editors.

·      poetry and the visual arts:
ekphrasis, palimpsests, concrete poetry, spatial poetics.

·      adaptation and performance: music,
theatre, cinema, radio, television.

·      translation as collaboration:
transnational exchanges.

·      textual interrelationships:
allusion, intertextuality, co-authorship, anthologisation.

·      poetry and the institution:
patronage, the university, broadcasters.

·      collaborative locations: salons,
clubs, studios, theatres, peripheries, centres.

·      digital perspectives: emerging
material and analytical avenues.

Please send proposals of c.300 words and a brief biography to the conference
organisers, Alex Runchman and Tom Walker, at collaboratingmuse@gmail.com by
30 November 2014. Please visit the conference website for more information: http://collaboratingmuse.wordpress.com/