Congratulations are in order to Michael Hinds and Jonathan Silverman on winning the Biennial IAAS Peggy OBrien Book Prize for their wonderful Johnny Cash International(published by University of Iowa Press). The prize winners were announced at the IAAS annual conference at University of Limerick. Presenting the prize, Chair of the IAAS, Catherine Gander, had this to say:

“I’m particularly delighted by this year’s winner of the biennial Peggy OBrien book prize, because it so eloquently captures the IAAS’s ethos of inclusivity, scholarly curiosity, and solidarity.  

We received some outstanding entries this year, but out of a very strong field of contenders, there was, however, one clear winner, on which the committee unanimously agreed. Judges described this book as “extremely well written, original, and entertaining. A book that, although wearing its analysis lightly, nevertheless exhibits an impressive depth of insight. The authors show empathy towards their subjects and bring a sense of international adventure to the field of American Studies.” 

Johnny Cash International by Michael Hinds and Jonathan Silverman is a book about a thoroughly American topic – one that nonetheless traverses all imaginable borders. Blending documentary, ethnography, fieldwork, and rigorous research, it’s an in-depth examination of fandom, of international and translocal community, of creativity and hardship, of how music culture can challenge and transcend the divisions we create of class, race, politics, geography.