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CFP: 14th SAAS (Spanish Association for American Studies) Conference




“The Image and the Word:

Interactions betweenAmerican Literature, Media, Visual Arts and Film”

Panel: The Image and the Word in Early America

The interaction between word and image has been a transcendental issue in America since the first European settlements. From the Puritan sermons in which vivid images of Hell were used to terrify the audience in the churches to the first illustrated publications of the 18th century, the interaction between these two formats has been crucial for the development of the American collective imagination. However, the overwhelming word-image interactions from the 19th century to the present has often neglected the attention paid to those early productions.

Multidisciplinary studies have become one of the main strengths of the Humanities in the present, so a panel on this topic can be a good forum to discuss in-progress works or already complete studies. The aim and goal of this panel is to explore how “America” created hybrid productions from colonial days to 1800. Papers on illustrated editions are welcome as well as studies concerning Early American aesthetics, the vocabulary of “painting with words” in Early American oeuvres, etc.

Useful information:

  • Panelists will have a maximum of 20 minutes for their presentations.
  • Papers must be delivered personally and cannot be read by third parties.
  • Non-members of SAAS (of all nationalities) are welcome to submit a panel proposal, but will be required to pay membership dues for one year (40 $) as well as the conference registration fee. Members of ASA (American Studies Association), need only to pay the conference registration fee.
  • The organization of the conference is considering the publication of a volume with a selection of the papers presented there. However, this volume will not be a collection of proceedings and, consequently, the pre-selection process shall be rigorous. The acceptance of a paper proposal does not automatically guarantee its publication.

Please, send proposals for individual paper along with a short biographical note to Dr. José Manuel Correoso-Rodenas (JoseManuel.Correoso@uclm.es) before October 15 2018.